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02 Jun

There are certain things we need, certain objects that we require for our lives. I see no point in going over Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. It’s fairly well known. And I will be the first to admit, as I type this on my MacBook Air, with my Iphone4 in my pocket, that in the here and now, we have created a life that is made easier by certain objects. I’m also not going to preach about Minimalism, as that is a personal philosophy, and there is not a philosophy in the world that can be applied to all, let alone most, people.

Instead, this blog is about the things we have that we don’t need. What sort of things are we holding on to that we quite simply don’t need? Those knickknacks on the shelf from a vacation you barely remember; that combination food dehydrator, hair curler, home liposuction kit; the pile of out-of-date and never again used game systems; the shoes you never took out of the box; the collection of bridesmaids dresses that steal closet space with their rampant poofy-sleevedness; old computer bags you update with each new computer; the pile of freebees from banks/car dealers/gas stations/radio stations/grocery stores/etc; anything you’ve put in a storage box for more than a year. The list goes on.

Why do we keep these things? Is it because of the money we spent? The time invested? Because they were free? What excuse do you use to justify your crap? Take a look through your house and ask yourself: Do I really need this?

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